Savannah Sill

We love visiting Georgia and love camping there. Lately our visits last two weeks or more as we explore more of the state. That said, we rarely take a trip there without somehow managing to visit the Okefenokee Swamp for a few days. On our latest trip we stood in the dark outside the camper astounded once again at the incredible view of the stars at this designated “Dark Skies” site. The other place we always try to visit is Savannah Sill, just off the same road that leads to Stephen Foster State Park. On our recent visit, Karl took this photo of the trees with the Spanish moss, and the waterway, as I looked for birds, dragonflies, and other (faster) moving parts of nature.

This Snowy egret in its breeding plumage stood in the water near the dam at the sill, quietly waiting for a fish, which it did eventually catch. The Ruby-crowned Kinglet hailed from Georgia, but outside the swamp area. I included it because he posed so well for me. Immediately after I took the shot he quickly raised his ruby crown and put it back down again. Maybe wanted me to be sure of the identification?

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