Cold Day on the Beach

Chair on the Beach
Unknown person watching the waves and reading on a cold beach day

I like to visit beaches on cold days, especially just before or after a storm. I encounter few if any other people, sometimes a person fishing, someone like me walking the beach, or the last time one intrepid soul watching the waves and reading. The shot above shows true solitude.

When the northern cold front dipped into the Florida park at which we camped this last time, even I found the beach too cold. I took short walks when that happened. Karl came once, and chose to remain in the warm car in the sun the second time.

I had not seen the Ghost Crabs much this trip, so when I spotted some smaller holes in the sand with marks around them I stood and waited. This small one finally came out to look around. These crabs get quite a bit larger, but I only saw one bigger one this time, scurrying across the road to avoid the car.

Ghost crab walk on the beach
The Ghost Crab blends so well you need just the right light for a photograph

I looked especially at the water line to find what the waves and storm bring ashore. I found a lot of single shells, but only this one empty bivalve. It disappeared with the next wave.Shell Walk on the BeachWith mostly overcast skies, and the colors of the water, sand, and sky, most of my shots ended up an interesting monochromatic study. I changed settings frequently on the camera, playing with shutter speed more than usual.


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