Through the Coffee Shop Window

through coffee shop window
Through Coffee Shop Window 1

I spent some time in NYC during my business years, and spent some evenings reading and drinking coffee in the local Starbucks. We rarely ever did that at home. Our local natural foods store moved from a strip mall plaza to the downtown area of the nearby small town. Lately we shop there early once a week, and then have coffee either out on the sidewalk or just inside the window waiting for the farmer’s market to open.

Still inspired by the street photography lecture of weeks before, I decided to try some through the window shots. Oh, the temperatures were a bit low for Florida or we would have been sitting outside.

Then I remembered the maxim that street photography should have people. No one came into my frame during as we drank our coffee (regular for Karl, Cappuccino for me). so I took a couple with moving cars. through coffee shop window 2 Since self driving cars are still a California phenomena I can be sure this one had a driver. Does that count? I don’t know. Personally I like the other one!

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